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April 2021

Sunday, April 25

The Great Sasquatch Road Trip

It's not a virtual 'race'. It's not a virtual 'challenge'. The Great Sasquatch Road Trip is a 340 mile virtual running adventure! Over the course of 340 miles (from Jenner, CA to Happy Camp, CA), you'll uncover a multitude of 'Sasquatch hotspots'. Each hotspot includes custom content around alleged REAL Sasquatch sounds, smells, and sightings! Additionally, each hotspot includes the latest chapter of a fun, interactive narrative in which you step into the shoes of a boy (and his trusty 'squatch sniffing' dog) as they search for everyone's favorite furry cryptid, SASQUATCH! No matter how many miles you conquer or hotspots you uncover, you get an awesome Road Trip lifestyle tee, an amazing road trip woodallion designed by Aravaipa Artworx, a private FB group to interact with your fellow runners/Sasquatch fans, and much more.

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