Sweat Tracker - every drop counts
Behind The Scenes

Founder & Chief Juggler: Larry

Larry handles tech stuff, business development, coaching, and lots of other things! And still manages to find time to run many marathons each year.

Social Media Guru: Jerico

What do you do with someone who is always checking their phone? Put them in charge of social media! Jerico also helps maintain our race calendar.

Sweat Tracker Mom: Jackie

Got a question or an issue? Check in with with your Sweat Tracker Mom! Jackie handles customer service and helps maintain our race calendar.

GTD Guy: Scott

Every team needs a guy who Gets Things Done! No matter what the problem, Scott makes sure that it is taken care of before it impacts you!

Chief Tail Wagger: Tucker

Tucker is always the first to volunteer for races and expos. He loves to greet people and make them feel like part of the Sweat Tracker family.

To meet our coaching staff, head over to our Coaching section.